Rose for Heidi Klum

On 23 May 2005, in Cologne a rose was named “Heidi Klum Rose”.

The “Heidi Klum rose” is a new, strongly smelling and noble flowery. She descends from a crossing which arose in the year 1999. She is a crossing of the father sort of barcarole as a pollen donor with the mother sort Old Port.

Previous story

In the winter of 2003, one of our customers approached us and said that he had launched the “WIMI” rose – named after the famous folk actor Willy Millowitsch – in 1982 and that they would like to repeat this in 2005 with a prominent personality.

We were looking for a woman who is a well-known international personality and, if possible, should also come from the customer’s regional environment.

The choice quickly fell on Heidi Klum, who agreed enthusiastically after a few conversations and and we contacted herfather if he is interested in a rose for Heidi Klum

On May 23, 2005, the rose baptism took place, which Heidi Klum attended in person despite her pregnancy.

In the run-up, of course, there were -zig things to organize.

Print media

The Heidi Klum Rose was placed as an ad in three newspapers and also distributed as a flyer with thousands of roses before the actual rose naming ceremony.

Rose for Heidi Klum

Rose for Heidi Klum

Directly before the actual rose christening, it was extensively presented in the Cologne EXPRESS for over a week as a sweepstake.

Rose for Heidi Klum

Television report

The press present at the rose christening disseminated and publicized the event nationally and internationally, giving our client tremendous media exposure.

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